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What are Carpenters and Joiners?

A carpenter is a skilled craftsperson who works with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture and other objects. The work, known as carpentry, may involve manual labour and work outdoors.
A joiner is a type of a carpenter that cuts and fits joints in wood without the use of nails, screws, or other metal fasteners. Joiners usually work in a workshop because the formation of various joints usually requires non-portable machinery; in contrast, most other kinds of carpenter usually work on site. A joiner usually produces items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, bookshelves etc.

Whilst Carpentry and Joinery, as a term, has merged together over the years – it incorporates two distinct trades as outlined above. I am to provide a complete Carpentry and Joinery service to include:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of hardwood front doors.
  • Duplication of obscure period panel moulds, skirting boards and architraves.
  • Design, build and installation of hardwood shutters.
  • Second fix installation of skirting boards, architraves, door linings and doors.
  • Furniture repair and restoration.
  • Radiator casement design and build.
  • Bookcase shelving units.
  • ‘Floating’ shelving design and build.
  • Alcove shelving.
  • Bespoke libraries.
  • Bespoke Study design and build.

Latest Projects

Latest News

22 Feb 2017
Bespoke African Art Shelving Unit. SW11.

Bespoke African Art Shelving Unit. SW11.

A bespoke casement fabricated to replace a poorly executed unit made by another company that failed to the meet my client's requirements with regard to housing various African artworks.

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14 Jan 2016
After a six month sabbatical one is back!

After a six month sabbatical one is back!

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13 May 2015
Mr. iRobots!

Mr. iRobots!

Replicas of my first ever project soon to be released!

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26 April 2015
Patricia Picture Frames.

Patricia Picture Frames.

A chance to snap up one of the Patrica Picture Frames!

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21 Feb 2015
Miriam Range of Jewellery Chest Consoles.

Miriam Range of Jewellery Chest Consoles.

Introducing the Miriam range of Bespoke Jewellery Chest.

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16 May 2013
K Range of Engagement Ring Life Box.

K Range of Engagement Ring Life Box.

Introducing the K Engagement Ring Life Box!

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"Nicholas Jones is a talented and experienced craftsman who made a substantial and varied amount of bespoke cabinetry for us when we recently moved into a newly built flat.

The major items he made for us were a wall mounted display unit with individual compartments that were each illuminated by dimmable LED lights, a floor standing unit with a retractable housing for the television, storage and built in LED lighting, two bedside tables and two mirrored bathroom cabinets and a vanity unit.  He also built a rack to display patchwork quilts, an elegant frame for a mirror and installed lighting in the glass fronted top of a secretaire.

We enjoyed participating with him in the design of these objects and found him an excellent communicator and a joy to work with. The standard of finish of all his work is outstanding and he is ingenious in finding solutions to practical problems of design and execution.

We are delighted with his work and unreservedly recommend Nicholas to anybody who wants quality, imaginative bespoke cabinetry."

'Mr and Mrs. Beecroft - Jan 2017'


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What are the key benefits of satisfying your projects requirements by employing a Bespoke Carpenter and Joiner?

The service I have offered my clients, since setting up my business in 2000 has been entirely engineered / based around a very simple work ethic i.e. I’ve never forgotten what it is to be a customer.
I aim to take the stress out of the whole process of having to employ a tradesman – carpenter and joiner in your home or office environment. I’ve always prided myself not just on my ability/skill to create any project your interior designer, architect or imagination requires but equally understand the importance of being fully communicative be it via phone, electronic mail or post.

By employing a bespoke Carpenter and Joiner you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Everything being tailored to your, your interior designer or architects exact bespoke requirements.
  • Not being constrained by whatever your project or imagination requirements are - be it combinations of exotic timbers, paint finishes or high gloss polishing.
  • Being safe in the knowledge that by employing us my clients have enjoyed the benefits not only of having something 100% unique and durable in their home/workspace but also the huge impact that goes hand in hand when one has fitted furniture/storage solutions in their property when it comes to resale or evaluations – especially with regard to bespoke storage solutions be it fitted wardrobes, A/V units, alcove units, libraries or studies.

Peace of mind knowing that everything I make is always over engineered and made from only the finest timbers, ironmongery and fully guaranteed.

What do I do next?

Whether you have already employed an interior designer or an architect to design your bespoke Carpentry and Joinery requirements, have designed something yourself or need us to help you through the whole design process - Nicholas Jones Architecture in Wood - are here to help you realise your dreams whether they be in your home or office environment.

For a free, no obligation estimate for all your Carpentry and Joinery requirements please fill in the contact form via the contacts link on this web-site.